The map below is a representation of the journey we see before us as we begin to come together as a community. At this time we are “getting started”. We are currently in the process of raising money to obtain land and a home for our youth the heal. In the process we actively raise awareness through community outreach, speaking engagements, and many community events and projects. We first plan to build a holistic care home for girls then a home for boys. No child will be left out as long as we can meet their needs!

 If you would like to become part of our village please contact us.

Speak Out: Tell others about the harm of trafficing humans. Host an event or fundraiser to raise awareness and aid in the fight against child sex trafficking. Donate: Donate your equipment or money to the cause. A Village for One could use the help of those in the construction industry. All forms of construction material and monies are greatly appreciated as the journey to build a home for victims of sex trafficking begins. Volunteer: Give your time towards spreading awareness, fundraising or helping with the construction of the home. All gifts are needed for a village to be successful.

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