Training Program


Contact us for information on Trainings A Village for One offers. A Village for One offers trainings to community organizations, Rotary, Mental Health Organizations, Medical Professionals and Hospitals, County or Statewide trainings, National out of state trainings, and more. Based on the need of your organization, A Village for One can provide a unique perspective from over a decade of experience working with youth and families impacted by commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking. We provide a basics CSE of Children (CSEC) 101 training of victim identification and the reality of CSE in the United States for those who need a basic understanding. And, unique to A Village for One, we also offer a more in depth look at the Mental Health of our CSE youth. Although the research is limited on Mental Health interventions, Dr. Austin Burres, Psy.D., and Cassandra Trahan LCSW RN have found interventions in their own work that have been most effective in working with CSE youth. They also have a skill set in differential diagnosis and accurately diagnosing youth. If you seek a deeper understanding of the Mental Health and conceptualization of CSE youth contact us to discuss training opportunities for you and your organization.